Mother dies of terminal cancer, leaves goodbye letters behind for family


NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WANE) – Saying goodbye… A New Haven woman diagnosed with terminal cancer used some her last moments to give her husband and four kids a piece of her heart. Peggy Summers wrote them all letters and now her last words of advice have been shared with the world.“Hannah, if you’re reading this then the surgery did not go well,” read aloud Peggy’s youngest daughter, Hannah Summers. “I’m sorry. I tried my best to beat this terrible disease but I guess God had other things for me to do.”

Peggy, a paraprofessional, died October 31 from kidney cancer at the age of 55. Her family just discovered her parting letters.

“It was really hard to read, but really comforting at the same time,” Hannah said.

In her letter, her mother advises her to use the gifts God has given her, to study hard in school, and to stay close with the family. She even tells her to make sure to always have an emergency kit in her car and to be careful around boys.

“It made me smile when I read it because it’s so much like my mom,” said Hannah. “I was her baby so she was always kind of overprotective and always worried about me.”

Hannah said knew she had to share her mom’s goodbye with the world. Now that she’s posted it on social media, hundreds of thousands of people are inspired to cherish their loved ones everyday.

“I wasn’t going to share it at first because it is so personal, but the more I read it the more that I felt that I had to just because nothing really describes who my mom was more than that letter,” she explained. “She was such a caring person. There’s a lot of lessons that people can learn from it and it’s really awesome to see how it’s helping people to realize that they should appreciate and cherish their parents because you never know when you could lose it.”

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