LAKE JAMES, Ind. (WANE)- The 2023 Memorial Day weekend approached faster than some marinas anticipated. The weather has not been ideal for marinas during the spring months for boats to be put into the water. Marinas and businesses have had to play catch up with it comes to putting the boats in and preparing for people to arrive.

The owner of The Corner Landing says its a mad dash to finish the work that needs to be done.

“Like our boats we normally would have had all this stuff in by now and we are just now getting everything in the water and getting people trained because we really didn’t have the weekends to train them so uh we are making progress but we area little behind on everything,” said Kirk Bowers.

In similar fashion, the Dry Dock Marine Center have dealt with the same.

“Putting the boats in for the year its a mad rush we call this week our hell week,” Owner, Chris Archbold said. “Today we probably have had already 20-30 people in the door but Thursday, Friday and definitely Saturday will be the crazy busy hundreds of people will be coming through.”

With the weather expected to be dry and sunny for the weekend, Archbold said that the temperature of the water is expected to be the warmest its ever been on a memorial day weekend hitting 75 plus degrees.

Here are boating safety tips through the weekend and the rest of summer.