FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – With the race for senate virtually tied, Evan Bayh and Todd Young’s race is one of the most watched in the country. Now Bayh is calling on local mayors for support, and Mayor Tom Henry is taking him up on it.

With less than two weeks to go, Evan Bayh is focusing heavily on the southern part of the state. So, for voters up north he’s calling on some familiar faces.

“Hoosiers we know who Evan Bayh is,” Henry said.

Upon Bayh’s request, Fort Wayne’s mayor campaigned for him at the Allen County Democratic Headquarters Wednesday morning.

“We have very limited time left and [Bayh] has unfortunately been struggling as Congressman Young has spent millions and millions of dollars blasting the senator on his record and his residency,” Henry said.

Henry spoke along side a local union leader and a senior citizen. The focus was Bayh works for studens, seniors and Hoosier workers. Henry spoke about how Bayh has helped Fort Wayne like his efforts to fund the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge.

“We knew we needed a lot of money to help us out,” Henry said. “Evan went across the aisle to Senator Lugar because he knew he couldn’t do it alone.”

Henry said Bayh helped raise 80 percent of the funds needed for the bridge.

Allen County Republican Chair Steve Shine was critical Bayh wasn’t here himself.

“Right now he should be handling rallies, meeting with larger groups,” Shine said. “He himself should be present rather than having surrogates.”

Shine said voters will make up their minds themselves.

“People are smart enough to make up their own mind,” Shine said. “They aren’t going to vote for someone just because a Tom Henry or a Steve Shine said to do it.”

Henry said in these last two weeks he’ll be out at the polls and doing what he can to help those he endorses. Wednesday he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and John Gregg for governor.