ROCKY HILL, Conn. (WTNH) – A man is $30,000 richer after winning a state lottery game, and he said it happened by accident.

According to the Connecticut State Lottery, Bob Sabo stopped into the Super Stop & Shop in Fairfield to by scratch-off lottery tickets.

The line at customer service was long, so Sabo decided to try a lottery vending machine for the first time.

“I meant to buy two $20 tickets, but I didn’t have my glasses on,” Sabo told lottery officials with a laugh. “Instead, I bought a ’30X Cash’ ticket for $30 by mistake, which left me with $10 to buy another ticket. When I got home and scratched the 30X ticket, I couldn’t believe it, we won $30,000.”

The grocery store will receive a $300 bonus for selling the winning ticket.