FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A local man charged with murder for the homicide of his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day 2021 is being held in Greene County, Arkansas.

Tykwan Walker, 31, was booked in to the Greene County Jail  May 29 on charges of first degree murder and possession of a Schedule II or II drug at 4:05 a.m. He will appear in court Tuesday.

Detective Sgt. Tim Hughes, with the Fort Wayne Police Department homicide unit confirmed the arrest Sunday.

Walker is charged with shooting Heather Hobbs, killing her with one shot to the head as she lay on her bed in her apartment at Candlelite Court. 

On Feb. 14, 2021, police responded to Hobbs’ apartment around 1:20 a.m. after a woman went to check on her because Hobbs hadn’t answered her phone. Hobbs had called her earlier asking her to come to her apartment.

When the woman got to her apartment, she found the door unlocked and Hobbs on her bed.

When police asked the friend how she’d found Porter, her reply was “as you see her,” according to a probable cause written by homicide detective Jeff Marsee.

Tykwan Walker, whose address was noted as the 2600 block of Maumee Avenue, but was living with Hobbs, was charged in March 2021 with murder and an enhancement count of using a firearm in the commission of an offense. 

It’s not clear when the extradition to the Allen County Jail will take place.

Several of Walker’s family were at the apartment when police arrived, but they refused to speak to detectives, court documents said. Walker’s cellphone data indicated he called family at 1 a.m., just a few minutes before Hobbs was discovered. 

Crime scene investigators found Walker’s backpack with a box of .40-caliber ammunition. They found a .40-caliber bullet in a pillow where Hobbs was found, court documents said. 

Bloody handprints were found on the blanket covering Hobbs and it appeared the blanket had been moved around on her body.

Police found mail belonging to Walker with the Candlelite Court address on it and photos of Hobbs and Walker hanging on the wall. Other things seemed to have been removed, including a memory card missing from a security camera lying on a table, records said.

Neighbors said they’d heard steps on the stairway just before police arrived, court documents said. 

Friends told police that Hobbs reported that Walker hit her, court documents said.

“If I die, it was TYKWAN that did it,” Hobbs wrote one of her friends in September prior to her death. One of the friends said she talked to Hobbs at 11:22 p.m. Feb. 13 until Hobbs arrived at her apartment at 11:30 p.m. At seven minutes past midnight, Hobbs called her daughter on Facebook messaging, but the call went unanswered, court documents said. 

There has been an outstanding warrant for Walker’s arrest in early March, 2021.