FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Just like that, August has come and gone for us here in northeast Indiana and northwestern Ohio. Let’s take a look back on the previous month and get a sneak peak at what September has in store for us.

August recap

August brought us a few notable days loaded with heat and oppressive humidity. The two warmest days that we saw occurred on August 23rd and 24th. Both of these days climbed up to 90° and brought sweltering humidity from the south into our area. This triggered an Excessive Heat Warning for northeast Indiana and northwestern Ohio. Even with those 90° days, we still fell below our monthly average temperature by 1.4°.

We fell below average with our rainfall rates as well. August was a dry month for us, especially as we entered the end of the month and the heat intensified. The extremely hot high pressure system that brought us the previously mentioned heat also prevented us from seeing any precipitation here in Fort Wayne. On the few days we did see rain, August 6th came out on top with 0.66″ total rainfall.

You may have also noticed that foggy mornings were quite frequent last month! After a little bit of investigating, it turns out there were 21 days here in Fort Wayne that had a report of fog/mist. We’ll just have to wait and see if September greets us with several foggy mornings as well.

September preview

Speaking of September… Let’s look ahead with our temperature and precipitation outlooks. Beginning with our temperature outlook, you’ll notice that the heat is expected to stick around. Most of the United States is expected to see above average temperatures this month. Don’t put away your summer clothes quite yet!

Will the August dry stretch carry over into September? Current thinking supports that we will see below average rainfall totals here in northeast Indiana and northwestern Ohio. Be prepared to continue watering your lawns, gardens, and any other outdoor plants that you have.

With the seasons beginning to change, it’s interesting to look at how our temperatures will begin to change as the month continues. We can see a 10 degree difference in both the high and low temperature for the first and last days of the month. By the time the end of the month gets here, you may want to throw that jacket in your bag or carry it with you in your car. Especially during the early morning hours!

Don’t forget that the very first day of fall is September 23rd! On the 23rd, we will see roughly equal portions of both daylight and nighttime. From there, our nights will grow longer and our amounts of daylight will be shorter.

While it seems like it may not feel like fall outside this month, hopefully you will be able to enjoy your favorite outdoor summer plans a little bit later in the year than normal.