Local Small Town, Big Flip launches on HGTV


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Four best friends from Fort Wayne launched a national TV show over the weekend. Small Town, Big Flip aired on HGTV. The premiere was a hit here at home.

A lot of work went into the show but it wasn’t done alone. After the big debut, Silas Norris said he had fun but he wasn’t exactly running toward celebrity status. “It’s weird watching yourself on TV. Whether it’s local or national, you’re always kind of picking yourself apart.”

Joking aside, along with his brother and two best friends through their business MBN Properties, the group successfully flipped a house in Elkhart on HGTV. “A lot of time, money and effort and it takes a huge army almost to do one of these TV shows.”

They took pride in keeping things local. “We tried from the very beginning to make sure that we could keep things as local as possible, use a lot of local vendors and kind of some of the same people we use on our regular flips because we know they do really good quality work and we wanted to be able to kind of showcase that on a national scale. So we fought hard to keep things local.”

The Shed out of Spencerville helped them out., including building some big barn doors. “My stomach was in knots. It was one of the coolest experiences we got to have since being in business,” Emilia Land said.

The Niche Market in New Haven did the full scale design, including furniture. It was a personal success for the store owner and designer. “From barely having furniture in here to now being on HGTV two years later, it’s awesome,” Allison Hanford said. The owner, Nichole Westendorf, said she thought it was great underdogs like small local business could have huge success nationally. “It’s been a great ride.”

In working with the guys, partners at both stores said it was an honor. “They deserve it and they are just so cool people inside and out so we’re excited,” Land said.

Norris said overall he’s happy with the episode too. He thought most importantly it showcased their authenticity. “That’s what we wanted. We’re all family men. We definitely work to live not live to work. So it was nice to be able to showcase our families and the quality of work that we can do in northern Indiana.”

Three Kings Flooring and and Hilltop Cabinets also had big roles in the flip.

The episode could air a couple more times; they’re hoping to find out another air date this week. Then depending on ratings and other factors, HGTV will decide if the guys will get a full season.

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