World’s largest puzzle to help Alzheimer’s research is Positively Fort Wayne

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A jigsaw that Ravensburger game and toy company calls the world’s largest puzzle is currently under construction in downtown Fort Wayne. Kenny Howald and Deb Glasper have been working for months trying to solve it. “This is so challenging,” said Howald. “If you’re a person that wants to not give up then this is for you.”

Howald and Glasper are working on the third of ten individual puzzles that when connected will create a giant puzzle and it’s not just for fun and games. It’s a project the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation’s Community Center began in June 2018 to coincide with a national program that funds programs to help fight Alzheimer’s.

Last year on the longest day event which is alzheimer’s awareness day, June 21st, we started creating this puzzle which they say is the world’s largest puzzle,” said Community Center manager Patti Davis. “It’s great to work on it because it’s good for your brain,” said puzzle solver Deb Glasper. “It helps you stay mentall alert,” said Howald. On the longest day people across the world participate in fundraising activities to benefit alzheimer’s programs. The Community Center chose puzzle solving.

“It has taken longer than I thought,” said Davis. “We started this June 21st. It will probably be a year before we’re finished. It’s 40,320 pieces. It consists of 10 individual puzzles that all connect together eventually.”

Ravensburger compiled the massive jigsaw with a Disney theme. “Each of the ten puzzles is from the different Disney movies.They all attach once you figure out the individual puzzles,” said Davis.

Anyone can work on the puzzle. Those who donate at least five dollars will get their name on a plaque that will go beside the puzzle once its complete. Proceeds will benefit local Alzheimer’s programs. “We’re going to make a frame for it,” said Davis. “A waterproof frame and we’ll mount it on the side of our building and eventually bring it inside and hang it in the lobby.”

Once complete the 10 piece Disney menagerie will stand six feet tall and 21 feet long. “It’s neat to be part of a project that’s going to be here for a long time,” said Glasper.

The Community Center is located at 233 West Main Street in downtown Fort Wayne. Anyone is invited to stop by and try their hand at helping solve the puzzle. For more information call the Community Center at (260) 427-6460 or go to the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation website.

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