Work on potholes a yearlong endeavor for INDOT

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The winter warm-up continues, making potholes more visible. WANE 15 checked in with the city on its efforts Monday.

We’re continuing our coverage with what INDOT is working on as far as the bumps in the road go.

For the Indiana Department of Transportation, pothole work doesn’t ever stop. WANE 15’s cameras saw crews working on filling cracks Tuesday on US 30 in Columbia City.

INDOT said filling the cracks helps stop water from getting underneath road. That effort helps prevent potential potholes.

Potholes form when water gets underneath the road and freezes. The freezing water expands the roads. When it melts, a space is created. Cars traveling on top of that space wears it down, thus creating a pothole.

INDOT says it works on potholes yearlong, but this is the time it sees an increase in the number on the roads. However, the pothole work you see in the winter isn’t the same as the hot asphalt used in the summer. INDOT uses cold patching in the winter.

“You know the cold patching is just a temporary fix. There’s a chance they do it and there’s nothing wrong with it until they go back and put that hot asphalt mix in. But there is the chance the temporary fix does break down and they have to go back and refill it. But our crews constantly monitor those once they are filled with that cold patch, just to make sure there aren’t any issues, and kind of prevent us from any further damage to the road,” said Hunter Petroviak, public relations director for INDOT Northeast District.

INDOT also tries to prevent damage when it’s putting down salt and brine. The chemicals are corrosive. INDOT said it is cognizant of how much and where it put down the chemicals to avoid any further damage.

If you do see any potholes, click here to go a website to report them.

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