FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)— There’s a new space for your dog to roam, run, jump, explore and play freely all without being on a leash.

Fido’s Forest is the newest dog park to be built in Fort Wayne, and it’s very different and unique from the other ones.

Fido’s Forest is a 5 acre wooded space that is fenced in. What makes it unique is you can rent it privately by the hour. The space contains trails for dog owners to enjoy, complete with benches, picnic area, and beautiful scenery, where dogs are encouraged to run, sniff, dig, jump, and play off leash.

Trista Miller with Fido’s Forest noticed a need for a park where her clients that live in an apartment have small yards, or are restricted by HOAs to build fences. The park provides a safe space for reactive dogs to exercise and enjoy time in nature. Fido’s Forest is providing vital energy and mental outlets to all different kinds of local canines.

“So our park is rentable by the hour. So one visitor at a time can enjoy our park, unless they’ve scheduled a play date with a friend that their dog is friendly with,” said Miller. “So when you book a visit at our park online, you get the code for the gate, which is valid for your visit, and it just provides you with private use of the park during that time.”

Fido’s Forest is located at 4582 W. Wallen Road.

To book an appointment for you and your canine friend and for all ticket information, you can visit their website.