Winter weather drives up customers for Waiter on the Way

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – No matter what, people need to eat. And if you don’t feel like making or getting food, there’s always delivery.

Local food delivery business, Waiter on the Way, is still there to service customers even on bad weather days.

“Immediately, about 9-ish or so, 8 o’clock is when we open. But at 9 they just start ticking up, and by ten it’s going to be full on,” explained Waiter on the Way owner, Derek Berkes.

Tuesday’s winter weather had people calling in orders shortly after Waiter on the Way opened. Berkes said on bad weather days he sees about 30% more orders.

“We’re taking COVID, plus a storm, and that’s where we’re at. It lands us just as very, very busy, which is what we’re looking for obviously. Right? But we want to be efficient and effective for the consumer, the restaurant, as well as ourselves.”

Knowing a storm is heading our way, Berkes said he tries to staff up on drivers. He said he’ll add 5 to 10 more on bad weather days.

Driver John Smith said growing up in Michigan prepared him to deliver food during winter storms in Fort Wayne.

“Slow down a little bit and just pay attention to your surroundings and everything will be okay,” said Smith.

Smith explains winter storms are just another day for him, but he does expect to be a little busier.

“Nobody wants to go out if they don’t have to. So, that person that would normally run to pick something 5 minutes away will decide to order it instead. So, you get a few extra orders like that. And again, there’s just a lot of people that stay off the roads so, picks up a little bit.”

Berkes estimated Tuesday’s lunch hour saw about at 50% increase in orders. He said his ultimate goal is to keep drivers safe, while maintaining good customer service.

“We encourage them to be efficient with their time. You know, so drive slow. It doesn’t do us any good to try and hurry and then get into some sort of accident, or slide off the road, right, which has happened. People get into too big of a hurry and you’ll slide into the curb, you know. So just tell them to slow down, take it one order at a time and just be cautious and careful with what you’re doing…It’s our time to really do as much as we can for the community. And just try to be that go-to company that people can rely on to get the food brought out to them,” said Berkes.

To learn more about Waiter on the Way, click here.

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