Why don’t we see the number of people recovering from the coronavirus?

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ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) — Once a day the Indiana State Department of Health provides updates on the spread of the coronavirus in the state. Locally, the Allen County Health Department provides updates as they receive the numbers for the county.

The information includes the latest number of deaths, those tested, and total confirmed cases. One thing the data does not include is recoveries. Why is that?

Well, those numbers are not readily available because tracking recoveries is difficult, it turns out.

  • The only way we know about recovered cases right now is if the patient was released from the hospital and goes public that they are recovered.
  • Lots of people will get the virus without being hospitalized and without getting tested. Their recovery will not likely be documented.

Because of these reasons we may never know the full number people who have recovered. From what we know, the only ones who are not recovering are the cases where the person has dies. That number in Indiana is over 100 Hoosiers.

When looking at the daily reports from the state health department, the total number of tested includes those who have tested positive. This means that more than 14,000 people that have been tested have been negative to the virus. Those who have died do not get recounted in the number of those who have tested positive.

The Indiana State Department of Health, along with local county health departments, will continue to make data available to the public. However, we may never know exact numbers.

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