FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)– Fort Wayne’s firework show is Monday, July 4, at 10:00 p.m. Fireworks will be lit off from the Indiana Michigan Power rooftop. You may be wondering, “where’s the best place to watch the fireworks?” With help from Visit Fort Wayne, we’ve broken down a few of the hot spots to see the action in the sky.

Allen County Courthouse Lawn

The Allen County Courthouse Lawn is an ideal place to set up and watch the fireworks. Being so close to the base of Indiana Michigan Power, the sky above you will be filled with fireworks. There is plenty of open space to sit, and you can’t get a bad view. Look straight above and enjoy!

Allen County Courthouse Lawn view

Headwaters Park

Headwaters Park has a lot to offer when it comes to watching fireworks. There are acres of green space for you to sit. There are a lot of trees and buildings in the way of IMP, but that won’t hurt your view of the sky. Around the pavilions are a great option since their roofs block the view if you sit under them. The space next to, and around Lincoln Memorial Pavilion gives you the best look at IMP and the sky.

Try to find a spot away from the trees to get the best view.

Lincoln Financial Pavilion view at Headwaters Park

Parkview Field:

Parkview Field is another great place to watch the fireworks. The Tincaps will be playing the Lake County Captains at 6:05 p.m. After the game, guests are allowed to stay in the stadium to watch the fireworks. There are a few different options to watch them comfortably.

Behind home plate: If you have a seat behind home plate for the game, or if you move to find one after the game, you will have prime positioning with a straight on look at the roof of the IMP building. It will be comfortable seating and nothing is in the way of your view.

Behind home plate view at Parkview Field

On the first and third base lines: Another spot in the stadium to try and get to is the first and third base lines. Although you aren’t facing the fireworks directly, all you need to do is turn your body to be in good shape.

First base line view at Parkview Field

Picnic tables by the tent: If you can’t find yourself a seat in the stands, the picnic tables next to the large white tent are a good option. The benches may not be as comfortable to sit as the stadium seats, but you’re closer to IMP. Just tilt your head up for a great view!

Picnic tables view at Parkview Field

Tree Canopy Trail at Promenade Park

If you’re out for a night time walk through Promenade Park, there’s no better place to stop and watch than the Tree Canopy Trail. There are benches along the path to sit and watch, or you can bring your own seat. IMP is hard to see, but the fireworks won’t be as they light up the sky above the river.

Tree Canopy Trail view at Promenade Park

WANE’s Top Spots:

Now that you have seen some of the most popular places to watch fireworks, WANE 15’s own weighed in on where their favorite spots are to watch the firework celebration.

Alyssa Ivanson: Alyssa believes Birdies, the rooftop restaurant and bar of the Bradley Hotel, is the spot to be to watch the fireworks. This year, Birdies is open to the public for firework gazing.

Guests can come at 5:00 p.m. on a first come first serve basis to watch from a sky view. It will close after the fireworks are finished.

Dirk Rowley: Dirk’s favorite spot to see the fireworks is on Calhoun Street. He likes being able to look straight up and see the fireworks directly over him. There are many great restaurants and bars to hang out at while the fireworks are being set off.

Emily Dwire: Emily’s spot of choice is Promenade Park. There are many great areas of the park to sit and enjoy the show. Tree Canopy Trail, down by the water front, and the tables by the kids canal are all great places to set up.

Pat Hoffman: Pat’s ideal spot to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July is Parkview Field. He loves the idea of catching a baseball game, then being able to stay in his seat to watch the fireworks go off above the stadium.