FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — What’s with the boat sitting in front of the Ramada Inn on Coldwater Road?

The 45-foot houseboat that looks like it might be more at home on the River Thames is for sale, apparently, but has been moored right in front of the hotel entrance for weeks, if not months.

With thousands of drivers going by, the boat has people asking why it’s there?

The hotel’s owner, Bill Bean, told WANE 15 he let the boat’s owner park the Runabout there because he’s a “nice guy.”

But Bean said he had “no idea it was going to be the Noah’s Ark.”

An old houseboat aka “Noah’s Ark” should be gone soon. Ramada Inn owner Bill Bean has asked the owner three times to move it.

Bean told WANE 15 he’s asked the owner to move the large boat, and over the weekend, it appeared that could happen when a flat bed truck appeared. Alas, it remains run aground.

Chances are the boat will be gone when Bean decides the next step for the Ramada, which was shuttered twice during the COVID-19 pandemic and remains closed.

“I’m not trying to sell it,” Bean said, referring to the hotel. “We’re looking at a lot of different options.”

But most likely, the hotelier says it will stay The Ramada Inn – sans bateau.