FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — As the 2024 budget gets closer and closer to being finalized, the salaries for City of Fort Wayne employees are becoming more clear.

While it isn’t finalized, Fort Wayne City Council gave a do-pass recommendation Tuesday to an ordinance that set the framework for city salaries in 2024.

“They have approved the positions, the rating and classification for those positions, and the salary scale,” said City Controller Garry Morr. “What they have not approved yet is the actual funding of those particular positions.”

Using the framework of the ordinance, we can see what salaries are on the table for city employees and officials for 2024.

Starting at the top, there are a few positions that are easy to understand and have static yearly salaries.

  • Mayor: $154,935
  • Common Council (City Council) Members: $26,842
  • City Clerk: $98,665

Beyond those members, it’s a little bit harder to define what city employees make.

It comes down to a tier-based system, with each city job receiving a tier that can be paid a different amount depending on the different tiers.

Below is a full list of city jobs and their classifications which can also be found in the city budget on the city’s website.

The budget to pay for the salaries has not been approved yet as City Council has until the Oct. 31 to approve the city budget for 2024.