FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- WANE 15 sent a reporter with $20 in the summer of 1985 to see how much Three Rivers Festival memorabilia and food it could get you. 37 years later, we went back, but this time with $40 to spend.

There are many delicious options to choose from, but when you only have $40 to spend, you need to choose carefully. Luckily, there was a deal at the fair. Most of the stands and food vendors had a “$2 Tuesday” special.

For Tuesday only, certain items at different vendors cost $2. WANE 15 took advantage of this: we were able to buy two deep-fried Oreos, a corndog, and a small Dreamsicle-flavored snow cone. Normally, all of this would run you $19, but Tuesday, it only cost $6.

With the remaining $34, WANE was able to purchase a variety of different festival meals, drinks, and staples of TRF. As we walked up and down Junk Food Alley, we bought an assortment of amazing foods and drinks.

This included a pulled chicken sandwich meal that came with two sides and a drink for $10. Green beans and potato salad were the sides of choice with a Coca-Cola to drink. We also got two bottled waters for $3 a piece.

A few Riding Redskins, the class of 1961 of North Side High School, were enjoying Junk Food Alley Tuesday afternoon and they explained how times have changed.

“A lot cheaper, I remember coming down here and I would go to Coney Island and I would get 10 hot dogs for a dollar, and that’s been a while,” explained one Riding Redskin. “I think the elephant ears back then used to be $2 for a real big one,” said another.

Finally, we dipped into the festival staples and bought an elephant ear for $7, and a lemon shake-up for $9. Unfortunately, there weren’t any TRF shirts or clothing items available to purchase, but there were buttons for $5 each.

In total, $38 were spent on food and drinks. There is a $1 convenience fee when you pay with a debit or credit card at a few of the vendors which WANE was charged one time. This brought the total amount spent to $39 at TRF.