West Lakes homeowners call emergency meeting

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NOBLE COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – An emergency meeting was called in Noble County by the directors of the West Lakes Community Homeowners Association.

Over the last two weeks the lakes have spilled over their banks and with more rain Wednesday they were concerned about how bad it could get.

Many homes are surrounded by water and some of them even look like they are on islands. In addition to flooding people in the community are experiencing problems with sewage.

Officials say trees falling into the river are interrupting the flow of the water which causing it to rise. DNR worked to remove the trees Tuesday and Wednesday. Some volunteers in the community have worked to remove tree limbs, also.

“We were trying to figure out where we need to go with this, who we need to get involved with this, and what role we are going to play in that,” said Buzz Junk, a member of the Lakes Association. “Some of the roles will be played on the County surveyor’s office and things we need to do to help not restrict the water like it is.”

Junk said they hope to get some city leaders involved to help fund the work needed to prevent flooding in the future.

The neighborhood association will hold a meeting June 10 and are working to bring city leaders there to address the issues.

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