FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) -The Pufferbelly Trail is extending in Allen County, and one Huntertown business is excited for the growth.

Huntertown Stables teaches kids and adults how to ride, handle, and train horses. Terry Fonner, owner of Huntertown Stables, said they’ve lived there and operated their business for about 6 years. He said they sold a portion of their land to be used for the Pufferbelly Trail extension off of Gump Road in Huntertown.

“We’ve been waiting for this moment to arise. We’re very avid bicyclists and we ride down to Washington Center Road on this trail all the time, so we’re very excited to go the other way now,” Fonner said.

There are already markers in place to establish where the trail will be, and Fonner says it’ll be a great way to attract business.

“It’s going to allow my students that are taking riding lessons to ride instead of having their parents truck them here all the time. So they’ll ride their bicycles over to take their riding lesson and be on their way. Plus, it might get a couple of new kids interested in riding when they go by and see the horses on the field.”

Fonner also believed the extension will be good for the community, adding that the additional trail will widen the reach of where people can ride and visit.

“You can hop on your bicycle to go at lunch, you can ride down to do Park Road and have lunch, you can come visit friends up here. You can come and ride a horse. Lots of things that you’ll be able to do on the trail.”

The whole extension will go from Life Bridge Church west of the intersection of Union Chapel Road and Corbin Road north to Fitch Road. Find a map of the current and future trail systems here.