Wells County councilman in ad: Vote for qualified candidate, not my brother

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Wells County Councilman Mike Mossburg has a message for voters: Vote for the incumbent, not my brother.

Mossburg this week took out an ad in the Bluffton News Banner titled “IMPORTANT MESSAGE” in which the sitting vice president of the Wells County council aims to clear up a misconception.

“I’ve had lots of people come up recently and ask me why I’m running against County Commissioner Tamara Robbins, MD,” the ad reads. “My answer is simple – I am NOT!”

Mossburg explains in the ad that voters might be confusing him with his brother, Scott. Scott Mossburg is running against Robbins in the Republican primary for Wells County District 1 commissioner.

Then Mossburg throws his support behind a candidate – one who does not share the same blood.

“I fully endorse Commissioner Tamara Robbins because she is smart, trustworthy, and by far the most-qualified candidate for the position,” Mossburg writes. “Please join me in re-electing Tamara Robbins for Commissioner in the May 8th Republican Primary.”

Things between Mike and Scott got dicey in 2014 when Scott was running for re-election as commissioner. He wanted to bring a wind farm with about 300 turbines to Wells County. Mike thought that was a bad idea and that it’d be better to work on county infrastructure.

The disagreement caused a rift between the two and they haven’t really talked since Scott loss that election.

Mike has no regrets about the ad he released this week.

“Without a doubt, I’m very comfortable with the ad as it was written, as it was put together,” he said. “My goal was to clearly identify and endorse the better candidate.”

The ad shocked Scott. 

“Disappointment,” he said describing his feelings. “Family doesn’t usually do that to family. I guess he can do whatever he wants. He can support whatever candidate he chooses to.” 

Mike said the main reason he released the ad was to clear up any confusion that he was the Mossburg who was running against Robbins. He also believes Robbins plan for bettering county infrastructure is stronger than his brother’s. 

“I can stand by my family but the point is still the same,” he said. “In the political spectrum or in business you have to make choices that are in the best interest of everyone. It can’t be specific to a family member. If you aren’t looking out for everyone in the choice of government, you fail. In the general sense of it, Tamara Robbins is the better candidate, clearly.” 

Scott said it is what it is at this point, politically. Family-wise, things could be better. 

“As a lot of people have said, It’s going to be a strained Thanksgiving,” he concluded. “So we probably won’t have Thanksgiving together this year unfortunately.”

Robbins said she appreciates Mike’s support.

“I think it was a bold move and I think Mike Mossburg had a lot of courage to do that,” she said. “He not only endorsed it, but he signed his name to it and I think some people are trying to make more of it than what it is. He was courageous to say that he’s supporting me because I’m the better candidate and I think he should be respected for that.”

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