Weight loss journey leads to 200 pound transformation

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If you are at the gym and you see Crystal Benes working out, you’d never guess that less than a year ago she weighed nearly 400 pounds. 

For the last nine months, Crystal has put a lot of hours and sweat into getting in shape. From April of 2018 to present day, she has lost 200 pounds!

Crystal’s turning point came in early 2018. 

She had struggled with obesity her entire life. Like many of us, she tried every diet in the book with no great success. That’s when she decided to audition to be a contestant on Fort Wayne’s Smallest Winner. FWSW has helped more than 200 people lose weight through an intense 15-week bootcamp that is free of charge to participants. 

Crystal was the runner-up in her season and lost 102.6 pounds. She didn’t stop there. 

On Thursday, Crystal had her last weigh in. From July to now, she dropped another 100 pounds. 

“Waking up yesterday for the first time knowing I had lost 200 pounds was kind of like just waking up from a dream into another dream,” Crystal said. 

Crystal’s friends and supporters witnessed her transform before their eyes. It took no gimmicks or pills, just some encouragement and a lot of dedication. 

“It’s not rainbows and unicorns, it’s how bad do you want this,” said FWSW’s co-founder Tina Walters. “Clearly we can see Crystal really wanted to change her life and look at her future, what it holds at 26 years old.”

“When I do look in that mirror, what a great feeling to know that I’ve done this within the last 9 months, that all of this has been possible in 9 months,” Crystal said. “The human body is so incredible and it’s just about getting rid of your excuses, being brutally honest with yourself. That’s what it’s all about.”

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