‘We won’t stop looking’: Family and friends of missing Fort Wayne man organize walk to raise awareness

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Family and friends of Kevin Nguyen are raising awareness for the missing 25-year-old with a walk downtown around the location where he was last seen.

Kevin Nguyen was last seen in the early hours of December 9, 2018, for a night out at the Brass Rail. Almost three years later, his family is still looking for any trace of where Kevin could be now. With help from victim advocacy group JAVA, his family retraced his last known steps from the Jefferson Boulevard Arby’s, where Nguyen was last caught on surveillance footage, down Fulton and Sturgis Sts. to the Brass Rail in hopes of bringing attention to his case.

“Walks like this, I think, represent just collectively, people coming together,” said JAVA’s Theresa Juillerat. “It might not be your family that’s been impacted by either a homicide or missing person or an overdose death, but just getting the awareness out there.”

Nguyen’s father, Lance Yanky, believes it is important to keep putting his son’s name and face out there because someone, somewhere, is bound to know what happened.

“Somebody knows, but no one wants to snitch on their friends,” Yanky said. “They have to look into their heart and literally say ‘This wasn’t right what happened,’ what you did or what they did to this person or the other person, it needs to be corrected.”

“Fort Wayne is a large and small city at the same time,” added Juillerat. “Something happened to him. The establishment where he was at, there were a lot of people there that night.”

The route started at Arby’s located at 610 W Jefferson Blvd. and ended at the Brass Rail at 1121 Broadway.

For those who knew and loved Nguyen, they have been told little about what happened that night. Although they do have hope that the case will be resolved their main desire is to bring Nguyen home.

“I’m hoping, praying that he ran away,” Yanky said. “But if he didn’t, let me know where he is, so we can put this behind us and we just go about our get on with our lives. It’s really hard. We want closure and that’s the hardest thing is to get closure.”

“Even if you don’t turn yourself in let us know where he is,” he added. “Let me know when my son is. I mean, that’s all we could ask. Let his mother come to terms with it, let his sister come to terms, his nieces and nephews that he has now. Me, I know I cry every day. He’s my kid.”

FWPD asks for anyone with information about any crime to call FWPD at 260-427-1222 or Crime Stoppers at 436-STOP. The department recently started a Facebook group for missing persons. 

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