FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — On the second full day after Monday night’s derecho, residents in Waynedale are still without power and have a huge mess that will take some time to clean up.

The damage and destruction caused by the storm might just be the worst in Fort Wayne.

Multiple homes on Maywood Circle, just a block away from Bluffton Road, have extensive damage from trees that smashed into them.

Trees also took down multiple power lines and at least two circuit boxes, which created a mess for the power companies who are working to clear the way for line workers to get everything hooked back up.

Residents were out in Wednesday’s extreme heat trying to clean up what they could.

“It’s the post-storm nightmare. I mean, I’m glad there’s no major loss of life, no injuries, but it’s a headache and it’s a cleanup” resident Ian Renbarger said.

Renbarger is on the mend from a heart attack and told WANE 15 it’s taking him much longer to clean up than it would have a few years ago. And with the high temperatures, he has to stop often for breaks.

The only problem is he doesn’t have a cool home to go into and cool off.

Like most on his street, he doesn’t have a generator that can power his AC while everyone waits for their electricity to kick back on.

Renbarger’s neighbor across the street, Zach Littleford, shares the same struggle of trying to find relief from the heat.

“It’s been hard cause I’ve been in the basement a lot, over at a friend’s house, and the grandparents because, well, the friend’s house has power.,” Littleford said.

Many residents have had to hire private contractors to cut down trees or pull them off of their homes.

A large crane could be seen doing that on Wednesday.

The first house that got a tree pulled from the roof belongs to Lori Stewart.

Stewart told WANE 15 she was sleeping on her couch near a front window moments before the storm hit. If she hadn’t woken up and gotten up to help her dog, she may have been severely injured when the tree came smashing through.

“There was the big boom on the roof, and that was scary,” Stewart said.

She’s one of the many people thankful that no one was hurt, but Stewart is worried for some of her neighbors who are stuck without air conditioning and nowhere else to go.

“There are a lot of older people that live around here and I walked around earlier on before it started to get real hot and they’re all sitting outside trying to cool off because it’s just too warm in the house,” Stewart said. “You know, I worry about them.”

Stewart admits it’s going to take time for her neighborhood to come all the way back from this. While there are some currently displaced from their homes or unable to get out of their driveways, she told WANE 15 she’s seen everyone come together and help each other out, which she loves to see.