Water Out floods training center to teach about water damage

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Water damage is one of the most costly disasters that can happen to a home. Local restoration company Water Out is hoping to teach others about how to plan with their open house.  

The Training Center at Water Out has been used to test different techniques and equipment since 2015. The space depicts a home full of furniture, complete with different flooring types, drywall, insulation and even a crawlspace.  

On Monday, the entire room was drenched with nearly 2,000 gallons of water. This was done to simulate such things as a pipe breaking, to a sump pump backing up, or even a washing machine/dishwasher failure.  Early Tuesday they started the drying process. All to use this as a teaching tool during an open house for clients to come and see how much damage water can truly do.  

“For homeowner’s it’s really nice because it gives them the opportunity to understand, what can happen and possible what coverages they might need with their insurance company, in the event these things happen to their homes” explains Water Out Co-Owner, Chris Laney. 

He adds that this also a great time for people to understand what they need to do in water damage situations, “The education that they garner from this give them the opportunity to understand the sense of urgency that happens during the course of a water damage, and how important it is, on putting together the right plan in place. So that when these things do occur in their home or in their building, that they take the right steps to restore their property properly.” 

Water Out says their training facility will be completely dry by Friday, following their average of 3-5 days for restoration. This also happens to be the final day of the open house. 

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