FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Residents throughout the neighborhoods near North Anthony Boulevard are fed up with people blowing up property. The most recent incident happened Tuesday in broad daylight. This type of vandalism has been happening since September throughout the neighborhood and surrounding area and residents are fed up.

Sunday around 9 p.m. a recycling bin was blown up throwing the lid into a tree overhead. One neighbor described the sound like a bomb. Security cameras throughout the neighborhood have captured the vandalism and residents are turning the footage over to police to help catch the culprit.

Tuesday around 5 p.m. someone in a vehicle, which looks similar to the one from Sunday’s incident, was seen throwing something out of the vehicle striking a fence and putting a hole in it.

“It shook all the houses in the neighborhood,” says resident Thom Green. The vandalism from Sunday night was caught on his security cameras. “I’d say it has happened about 10 times at least,” Green explains.

Green says a motorcycle has also been seen when instances like this occur. Two police reports have been filed. Detectives with the Fort Wayne Police Department were at the scene Sunday night investigating.

“Everybody’s on edge, people are upset about it, we just want it stopped. When you hear a loud explosion like that, it really upsets everyone,” Green said. Little kids play outside throughout the neighborhood and residents are worried that something could happen to one of them.

“Police are doing the best they can,” Green explains. FWPD informed Green around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday they may have a person of interest.