AUBURN, Ind. (WANE) — With necks craned toward the night sky, hundreds gathered at Kruse Plaza off Interstate 69 to see the latest firework products in action during the National Fireworks Association’s (NFA) 2023 Fall Expo.

The fireworks were part of the last product demo show of the expo, which kicked off Monday.

Only NFA members were able to watch the first four product demo shows, but members of the public were invited to watch Friday’s show from the parking lot.

NFA Vice President Ed Vasel said the final product demo show featured everything from consumer-grade fireworks to “1.3G display shells” that are professional-grade fireworks seen at town displays and other big events.

Although the product demo shows do provide entertainment for NFA members, Vasel said the shows also serve to display the latest products and firework effects across the industry.

“This is where [companies] come to see what’s new in the industry and if they’re interested in buying those products or not to offer for sale here in the [United] States,” Vasel said.

Friday’s product demo show served as the final main event of the expo, which mostly took place at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne.

Vasel said this year’s expo went well, and the NFA appreciated the warm welcome from Fort Wayne.

“Everybody has treated us really well. We’ve been made to feel welcome,” Vasel said. “I think the early talk among the board is we would like to come back.”

The NFA’s 2024 Fall Expo will take place from Sept. 9 to Sept. 13 in Erie, Pennsylvania.