Warning signs of a concussion ahead of fall sports

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – School sports are kicking off this week. Concussions are still something parents and coaches need to be aware of during games and practices.

A concussion is classified as a mild traumatic brain injury, according to Parkview Health in a blog post. Some effects of a concussion include headaches, confusion, and being off-balance, said Dr. Joseph Mattox with Parkview Health.

Concussions are caused by a blow to the head or even violent shaking. Dr. Mattox estimated nearly 3 million concussions occur in athletes every year.

There are serious symptoms and less severe symptoms to look out for if a concussion is suspected.

Parkview Health shared these serious symptoms:

  • repeated vomiting
  • loss of consciousness
  • worsening headaches
  • changes in behavior
  • changes in coordination
  • confusion, disorientation, or slurred speech
  • bleeding from the ears or nose
  • seizures
  • dilated pupils

Less severe symptoms include:

  • headaches, nausea, and vomiting
  • trouble balancing or dizziness
  • sleep disruption, including fatigue, trouble falling asleep, increased or decreased sleep
  • sensitivity to light and noise
  • feeling more emotional – increased nervousness, irritability, or sadness
  • feeling numb, slowed down, or foggy
  • difficulty concentrating or difficulty with memory

“When a concussion is suspected, the athlete should be immediately removed from the field of play. Treatment is then initiated based on the ATCs evaluation of symptoms on the sideline. If a concussion is suspected or diagnosed, the athlete should not return to play. Typically, an evaluation should be scheduled with a physician trained in the treatment of concussions with 48-72 hours of injury,” said Parkview Health.

To read more about what is done for athletes after a concussion evaluation and the long-term effects of a concussion, click here.

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