WANE 15 social media poll shows community split on mask-wearing

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — With a renewed push for Indiana residents to wear masks by Governor Eric Holcomb’s #MaskUpHoosiers social media initiative, a WANE 15 poll shows the community is split on wearing masks.

The Facebook poll spent most of Thursday hovering around a near-even split, with nearly 14,000 people saying that they do wear masks in public, and 51 percent saying they do not wear masks in public. With the close margins, WANE 15 asked people in Promenade Park to weigh in as well.

Of the several families that spent Thursday evening at Promenade Park, only a handful were out in masks. One couple said they are not against masks, but when they are outside they do feel comfortable enough to go without so long as they keep their distance.

“When you’re in an enclosed space, I think it’s important to wear your mask, just the proximity, you know, trying to do what you can for the people around you,” said Chris Church. “I feel like being outside, we’re distanced far enough most of the time where it’s nice to just kind of let it down a little bit.”

Frank Adjei, whose family was out with their masks, said he wishes more people would wear masks outside.

“I personally think that masks have been shown to reduce the spread of infection,” said Adjei, who also said he was a doctor at a local hospital. “As of now, we don’t have any treatment, we don’t have any vaccine. The only thing we do have is masks, so I personally think that all of us should wear the masks.”

Nathaniel Summers said he does not wear a mask, but that he understands why people do.

“No, not really, just ’cause I’m young and healthy and if I did get it, I probably would never have to worry about it ever again,” said Summers. “I don’t know, it’s just safer but it’s kind of cautious for the people around you if they were to get it.”

Many of the comments on the Facebook poll were in support of wearing masks, but other commenters had opinions that were more strongly against it than those who were at Promenade Park. One woman wrote: “I just don’t believe a cloth mask is going to contain this virus and protect anyone from transmitting it or contracting it. But if you want to wear one because it makes you feel safer, then go for it. I will keep my distance from you and avoid public spaces for the most part. I’m not wearing a mask just to make you or anyone else feel better unless I’m required by the store or local government.”

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