FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – WANE 15 News Director Ted Linn retired Friday after 43 years in the news industry.

Linn came to Fort Wayne as the WANE 15 News Director in 2004, but his time in broadcasting started on March 7, 1977.

Linn’s first job was as a reporter at WLFI in Lafayette.

Ad in TV Guide in the late ’70s with photo of reporter Ted Linn.

“Everyday I would gather news in Kokomo, drive to Lafayette, edit it and drive home,” Linn said. “I did that everyday for two and a half years.

During his time at WLFI, Linn was sent to New York City with main anchor to do a promotion shoot with Walter Cronkite in the summer of 1978.

Photo of Ted Linn and Walter Cronkite in New York City in the summer of 1978.

During WANE 15’s News at Noon, Alyssa Ivanson asked Linn what had changed since beginning in the industry 43 years ago.

“There are two things that have changed significantly and those would be we used to have independent photographer and reporter teams everyone went out as a team. We don’t see that anymore,” Linn said.

During his first year in the industry, Linn covered the Blizzard of ’78.

“We ended up trapped in our Kokomo apartment. I was logging stories in from our apartment,” Linn said. “I didn’t drive to Lafayette for a week, maybe 10 days after that.”

Linn says the biggest story he’s been part of has been his last: COVID-19.

During a retirement party Friday afternoon, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry delivered a proclamation honoring the dedication Ted has shown to the station and the city of Fort Wayne. He declared Sept. 11, 2020, Ted Linn Day in the city of Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry declares Sept. 11, 2020 as Ted Linn Day in the city of Fort Wayne.

All of us here at WANE 15 thank Ted for his many years of service and wish him the best in retirement.