WANE 15’s First News Weekend is giving you the opportunity to win a free mug, courtesy of MidWest America Federal Credit Union.

WANE 15 is proud the mugs are made locally with help of folks over at GiGi’s Playhouse.

Known as “friends” at GiGi’s, they work on the mugs as a team effort.

GiGi’s serves individuals with Down Syndrome, and the friends making the mugs are GiGi U graduates.

That program focuses on adults and workforce development.

The skills of cutting, taping and communication all help the friends at GiGi’s.

“The fine motor skills of grabbing the tape, and pulling the tape off, placing the tape, cutting, all of that is just fine motor skills. Because with down syndrome they have very low tone in a lot of their muscles,” says Holly Tonak, Executive Director of GiGi’s Playhouse Fort Wayne.

“People like me, teamwork is the best way to communicate, with help, provide, knowledge, strategy, mind, knowing how to focus on stuff that you do for a sport, or everywhere you go,” explains Cameron Shomo, a GiGi U graduate.

“Every time you’re drinking from that mug, you are embracing Down Syndrome. You’re joining us in acknowledging they are capable. When you see the work on that mug, they did it.  It’s not anybody else.  It’s individuals with Down Syndrome are putting their heart and soul into each an every mug.  And it’s made with love 100% percent,” says Holly.

We’ll be giving away mugs every Saturday and Sunday on First News, plus a free cup of coffee or hot chocolate from DeBrand Fine Chocolates!

To win one of the mugs, click here.