Walmart Great Value milk going bad before expiration date

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Many local customers have had with Walmart’s Great Value brand of milk going bad before the expiration date on the container.

Cynthia Flanagan told NewsChannel 15 that she has had 3 cartons of milk go bad before the expiration date in the last 5 weeks. Her daughter has had 2 cartons expire early as well.

Flanagan said that when she tried to pour her most recent carton over her cereal that clumpy expired milk came out, 5 days before the expiration date.

“They have a lot of dedicated Walmart shoppers and they’ve taken the choice away as well.. my main goal would be to find out what the problem is and clean it up.” Flanagan said about her social media post. Her post has over 150 shares, and about 150 comments of people sharing similar stories. 

Walmart Media Relations, Molly Blakeman said “We appreciate this being brought to our attention, and we are committed to providing our customers the quality products they expect. We take this claim seriously and are looking into it as part of our ongoing quality control tests to ensure milk is good through its expiration date.”

The Indiana State Board of Health Dairy Divisions’ spokesperson Denise Derrer told NewsChannel 15 about the process they go through to inspect dairy farms, storage of milk on the farms, the trucks used to transport the milk, and the dairy processing facilities. 

“The expiration date is really not regulated. It’s at the discretion of the processing plant to put that on there.” Derrer said.

She said the board is not hearing about this being a widespread issue and happening in other locations at this time.

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