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Community leaders gathered Thursday morning for the first walk of the city’s TenPoint Coalition, aimed to reduce violence. 

Modeled after a successful program in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne’s program aims to be the next step to positively influence the lives of black males, families and neighborhoods. It uses strategies to improve life outcomes, increase quality of life and enhance community pride.

The city has decided to give the Oxford Community Association to be the first recipient of the initiative after reviewing data. Local TenPoint Coalition Foot Patrols will start building relationships in the neighborhood and will be a constant presence in the area. The focus will be on addressing youth gun violence and improving quality of life.

The city’s already existing program, Fort Wayne UNITED, is partnering with the coalition. Both share a common goal.

“The Fort Wayne UNITED TenPoint Coalition seeks to improve life outcomes, increase the quality of life in our neighborhoods and enhance community pride,” said Fort Wayne UNITED Director Iric Headley. “In partnership with the Indiana Attorney General’s office and Reverend Harrison, our city is ready to make a powerful difference. Our innovative approach will bring residents, families and neighborhoods together and invite them to play a meaningful role in the solution. We’re confident we’ll become a more united and understanding city that’s willing to tackle challenging issues in a positive manner that will lead to lasting results.”

Trinity English Lutheran Church became the first financial partner to join Fort Wayne UNITED to create the initiative in the Summit City with support from the Indiana Attorney General’s office and several local organizations.

Reverend Harrison, leader of the Indianapolis TenPoint Coalition, said he looks forward to being deeply involved with the Fort Wayne chapter. “With 19 years of experience in Indianapolis, we have learned so many different lessons that we are eager to share with anyone interested enough to listen,” said Reverend Harrison. 

The TenPoints Coalition will hold the following kickoff events which are open the public:

Prayer in the ParkSunday, October 28, 5:30 – 6:30 pm, Weisser Park Youth Center: This first official event for the TenPoint Coalition will be a prayer launch for the City’s TenPoint Coalition Foot Patrols.

Walk the Talk, Monday, October 29 – Friday, November 2, 5:30 – 6:45 pm, Weisser Park Youth Center: Representatives from area churches, TenPoint Coalition Foot Patrols and Fort Wayne residents will participate in five days of prayer walks through the Oxford Community Association

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