WELLS COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – Two safety referendums were on the Nov. 7 ballot, and while Fort Wayne Community Schools passed its referendum, a similar one in Bluffton did not. Bluffton-Harrison M.S.D. says they are appreciative of those who voted in favor and not in favor. Superintendent Brad Yates says although he’s disappointed, he’s still confident that Bluffton-Harrison will provide a safe school environment.

Tuesday, 58% of voters said no to the safety security referendum for Bluffton-Harrison and 42% of voters said yes. Bluffton-Harrison was looking to add two more school resource officers so the elementary, middle and high schools could all have one. The plan was also to add a mental health counselor.

As far as what happens next, Brad Yates, Superintendent, Ph.D., says the district will review options that they have internally and and will continue to work with the city of Bluffton on keeping the district safe.

“It’s an on-going review in the areas of safety and so we will be looking at internal budgetary items and find needs in that area,” said Yates. “Deciding if we want to continue programming or not in certain areas within the resources that we have available.”

Bluffton-Harrison said they will continue to review their pilot program that provides mental health support for students. The district will have a decision by the end of the school year if they want to continue that program with local dollars.