FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – As more people zoom through downtown Fort Wayne in a scooter, Veo and disability groups are reminding riders to park properly.

Eric Xayarath, an operations manager for the ride share program, says the oversight of parked bikes and scooters is an ongoing challenge. A staff of about 20 people is responsible for checking on the conditions of each vehicle and ensuring they are at a designated parking spot.

John Guingrich, the president and CEO of The League for the Blind and Disabled, says scooters and bikes are a great addition to the city. However, if they are left in the middle of a sidewalk or along a building, it could be problematic to pedestrians with a physical disability.

These scooters found near the intersection of Main Street and South Harrison Street could be problematic for pedestrians with a physical disability. The walkway is narrowed as two scooters are parked in front of the bench.

“The big thing is being courteous,” Guingrich said. “When those get left in the middle of a curb ramp or in the middle of a sidewalk, it does create a barrier for somebody who is using a power chair, or somebody who is using a walker or a cane, or a mom pushing a stroller for that matter.”

According to Veo’s website, the best places to park a bike or scooter is in a bike rack, a furniture zone (near benches, lamps and tree lines), or at a designated parking spot.

Xayarath also mentioned how Veo has worked with the city and riders to make sure vehicles are not a hassle for pedestrians. For example, the company designated a no park zone near the Edsall House apartments near Ewing Street and Main Street after hearing of complaints about scooters blocking buses from parking.

Veo may also issue fines to riders who leave their bikes or scooters parked in the middle of a sidewalk.

Pedestrians are encouraged to contact Veo if they encounter any issues with improperly parked bikes or scooters.