FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — A tumultuous chapter for Veo added another page Tuesday night as the company gave a presentation to Fort Wayne City Council. The company has provided scooters for rent in Fort Wayne since 2019, but the city decided on Aug. 8 to end its partnership.

“We’ve had some major issues, public safety concerns with fires as a result of the batteries in these scooters and there have been at least two major fires that I’m aware of,” FWPD Deputy Chief Martin Bender said in a statement when the decision was made. “And then you have a very hazardous material leftover in these batteries, and they have to be disposed of. That gets pretty expensive.”

The company fought back, appealing the decision with the city; however, the Fort Wayne Right-of-Way Department reviewed and considered Veo’s appeal but ultimately denied it. 

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Veo was represented by Olivia Ortega, manager of Partnerships and Policy, who said the City of Fort Wayne’s decision was “unfair.”

During the meeting, Veo provided Fort Wayne City Council with a copy of over 400 emails sent to the City of Fort Wayne asking to keep the scooters.

Veo also pointed to the company’s policy changes and improvements as a reason why the contract should not have been terminated.

According to Veo, the company also had plans for other improvements to the service, including adding designated parking areas to avoid clutter and implementing ID verification for all users.

Ortega had hoped that by speaking to Fort Wayne City Council, councilmembers would create and pass a resolution that would help Veo stay operational in Fort Wayne for the remainder of the contract.

Despite Veo’s pleas, councilmembers acknowledged that they have no jurisdiction to make a difference.

On Aug. 15, a city spokesperson told WANE 15 that Fort Wayne City Council “does not have the direct power to override the administration on this decision,” and Councilman Tom Didier echoed that sentiment.

“We don’t have control in regard to this particular decision,” Didier said.

As it sits right now, Veo will no longer be able to operate in Fort Wayne starting Sept. 4.