FORT WAYNE, Ind. — In the wake of President Joe Biden signing the PACT Act, a law aimed at expanding federal health care services for millions of veterans impacted by toxic smoke at military bases, many veterans and organizations have praised the new law.

One such organization is the Veterans Affairs Northern Indiana branch, which called the law in a statement Wednesday “perhaps the largest expansion of veteran benefits in history.”

VA Northern Indiana also said in the statement the new law will provide generations of veterans and their families with the care and benefits they deserve.

Burn pits were used in Iraq and Afghanistan to dispose of numerous types of wastes, including plastics, chemicals and human waste.

Despite this, a majority of claims regarding the burn pits were denied by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

With the new law, VA Northern Indiana said it will be recognizing more than 20 new presumptions of service connection to toxic exposure-related conditions and removing the burden of proof from veterans to get care and benefits from burn pit exposures.

VA Northern Indiana encouraged all veterans and survivors to learn more about the bill and apply for benefits by filing a claim online.