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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Those seeking unemployment reached nearly 3.3 million people last week. With Governor Eric Holcomb’s executive order to stay-at-home, that number is expected to add some Hoosiers this week.

Last week’s unemployment claims skyrocketed nearly 5 times the record set in 1982.

“It’s going to be tough at first,” says Savanna Cartwright.

Cartwright worked as an assembly line worker when she was faced with a layoff.

“And I live paycheck to paycheck. So, I have to make sure I save every little bit that I have leftover from paying bills to go to, towards the next week, and the next week, until, you know, everything with this trillion dollar deal goes through. Otherwise, you know, otherwise I’m in trouble,” says Cartwright.

If the economic relief bill doesn’t get passed, Cartwright will only receive $144 a week through unemployment. A provision in the bill adds another $600 to what the states already provide.

“That’s not going to pay rent. You know, it’s going to be really tough. So, I’m really happy that’s going through,” says Cartwright.

Also keeping an eye on the relief bill, the Maassen’s. Travis Maassen lost his job entirely this week, and Margo Maassen faced a layoff.

The family was set to buy a house this week. Because a loan was already secured in their bank account, they are unable to apply for food and medical assistance. Both did file for unemployment.

“It’s kind of a lose/lose situation there, but we’ll be a little bit better off. I’m kind of glad we’re not buying a house before this all happened. Cause, we don’t know what the future holds at this point,” says Travis.

“But we do remain hopeful,” chimed in Margo.

Savanna Cartwright says she is taking things a day at a time, and if this continues, she’ll seek other employment. Travis is already taking on other job interviews. Margo is also taking Cartwright’s approach.

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