FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)– After facing depression and substance abuse in his teenage years, Greg Nance is running across the country in an effort to spark a nationwide movement for youth mental health.

But who is Greg Nance? Nance is an ultramarathon runner, nonprofit leader, and founder of the Run Far Foundation. Nance’s foundation has funded youth-led volunteer projects in all 50 states to help young people find purpose, have fun, and stay healthy.

He began his 65-day run across the country on April 25 in the Atlantic on Long Island and will conclude his cross-country journey with a foot in the Pacific in Ocean Shores, Washington on June 28.

“Running for me has always been freedom. I don’t think I’ve ever gone on a run and not felt better. And so for me, it’s how I manage my mental health, day in and day out. It’s become something of a platform for me to meet some amazing new people, explore more of the world, and travel around. What I’m realizing is, that when I do my own thing, I’m able to inspire others to do their thing too,” Nance said.