WATERLOO, Ind. (WANE) – Two men fell through a roof of a Waterloo building that was being prepared for demolition on Thursday. One of the men died and the other is in the hospital in stable condition.

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office says 24-year-old Kevin L. Rogers of Laurel Hill, Florida was removing metal roofing off a burnt commercial building when he fell through the structure of the roof.

Rogers was wearing a safety harness but didn’t have his harness secured to any safety equipment, so it didn’t prevent him from falling.

24-year-old, William J. Rogers who is also of Laurel Hill, Florida, was working in the same area, fell through the same hole, and also had on a safety harness that wasn’t secured to anything.

Kevin Rogers was pronounced dead at the scene, and William Rogers was brought too a hospital for treatment. William Rogers is in stable condition with rib fractures.

Both men were working with a contracted company with other crew members. The building they were working on is 24 feet tall.