Two caught dumping trash in parking lot of business

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Employees at Gordon Food Service on Washington Center Rd. got a big and unwelcome surprise when they arrived at work Sunday. 

A pile of trash had been left in the parking lot where semi drivers come and go from the facility. 

“Now we got to deal with shingles that have nails, so we’re going to have nails that are going to be spread all over,” said delivery driver Joseph Oliver. 

Most of the trash left was construction waste. 

The store’s surveillance cameras captured two people red-handed around 1 a.m. Sunday. Video surveillance shows a truck pulling a dump trailer and another vehicle following behind. Moments later, the people get out – open the trailer’s back door and dump the load. They later pull up right beside the camera, lower the trailer and leave. 

“First of all it’s rude, inconvenient for us, and disrespectful,” Oliver said. “This isn’t a dumpster so it makes it a little difficult to do our jobs as delivery drivers.”

This isn’t the only problem the store has had recently. Last Thursday, a man was caught stealing the extension cords used to plug in the engine block heaters for the semis. Oliver wants these three people to know civility may not matter to them, but it does to the rest of us. 

“It’s polluting, it’s littering. Every piece on there is I guess what you call a litter find. But yeah, just be respectful. That’s the problem. We just need to be more respectful in this country to each other.”

The store has filed a police report. 

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