TV host Jeff Corwin talks conservation and wildlife at PFW

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Biologist and wildlife expert Jeff Corwin came to Purdue Fort Wayne as part of the schools’ Omnibus Lecture Series. 

Corwin has been on wildlife shows on Disney Channel and Animal Planet. His shows take him to 22 different countries every year, and he works with different animals from all over the world. 

Cowin hoped to inspire people Wednesday night to get in touch with their community’s natural resources like zoos and other wildlife conservation areas. 

“Connect with your local natural resources,” Corwin said. “Be a part of that local Indiana organization that is working to protect the unique bat species of Indiana.” 

Corwin wanted to have a fun interactive conversation with the Fort Wayne Community Wednesday night. He spoke to a crowd at the Rhinehart Music Center on PFW’s campus.  

Corwin began his career at about the same time as the late Steve Irwin did. Although the two never met, Corwin said they still had an impact on each other. 

“Actually, we started at the same time,” Corwin said. “I started at Disney when he started at Animal Planet. Then, I moved to Animal Planet. In the beginning I think there was some healthy competition. It’s like anything. you’re in your own space, and you’re competitive, but as the years went on, and then he tragically died, I became an advocate for a lot of the stuff they were doing, and I got to work with their zoo.” 

Corwin brought a black bear cub, two leopard cubs, a baby kangaroo, an owl, an alligator and a snake on stage with him as part of his conversation about wildlife. He hoped people left inspired to get connected with their local zoo because it was his local zoo that got him into his wildlife career. 

“I got to see the behind the scenes of a zoo, help be a part of a zoo as a young child,” Corwin said. “That inspired me to not only want to work with animals and be a naturalist but also to work as an educator as someone who provides information on our natual world and on ways we can mitigate the challenges we face in protecting our natural world.” 

Corwin was PFW’s final Omnibus Lecture Series speaker for the year. Next year’s Omnibus speakers have not yet been announced. 

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