CHURUBUSCO, Ind. (WANE) – A popular event is not letting the aftermath of Monday’s severe storms stop it from continuing on as scheduled.

Churubusco’s Turtle Days began on time Wednesday. Kathy Neireiter, the President of Turtle Days, was on the property at 7 AM Tuesday after the storms had passed. There was a lot of cleanup to do, including removing fallen trees and branches. Many volunteered to help, including the Churubusco Junior-Senior High School Football Team. There were also some flooded areas to navigate around.

The other problem was the lack of electrical power in the city. Power was not restored until 3 PM Wednesday. All of the vendors had been running off of generators.

There was some discussion about canceling the event, but the decision was made to proceed ahead as normal. The event means a lot to the community and the event board wanted to especially continue the event for the people who have been impacted by the storms in the community.

It has been quite the effort to get everything cleaned up and ready. Neireiter says everyone on the board is exhausted, but none of them wanted to cancel. Neireiter herself said she had to stay in a hotel in Auburn last night after the power went out.

Everything has gone on without a hitch though so far, despite crowds being lower than normal Wednesday. A decent amount of people were on hand for Miss Turtle Days. However, parked cars normally cover the entire grassy area below.

Neireiter expects the rest of the week to be busier. Come on out and enjoy the free Turtle Days through Saturday. A baby crawling content highlights the events for Thursday. A full lineup of events can be found here.