Trump signs executive order aimed at keeping ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ out of US

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WASHINGTON, Ind. (WANE) President Donald Trump has signed an executive action implementing “new vetting measures” that he said are aimed at keeping “radical Islamic terrorists” out of the United States.

“We don’t want them here,” Trump said.

The exact details of the executive order are not known at this time, but a draft called for the temporary ban of refugees from predominantly Muslim nations. The president said he only wants to admit people to the United States who will support the country. His comments echoed his campaign pledge to implement “extreme vetting” programs, particularly for people coming from countries with ties to terrorism. Fort Wayne Islamic Center president J. Tamir Rasheed said he understands concerns about terrorism, but does not think this is the way to address those concerns.

“It amazes me how soon we forget America is a nation of immigrants, refugees and former slaves,” Rasheed said. “If they were not allowed to have come here then America would not be the great country it is today.”

Many refugees have found a home in the Summit City, and many still have family they fear will not be able to join them under the new administration.

“If that opportunity is taken away then it takes away from the human factor of family,” Rasheed said.

The president signed the executive action at the Pentagon, where he met with the joint chiefs of staff and participated in a ceremonial swearing-in for Defense Secretary James Mattis.


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