JEWELL, Ohio (WANE) — A Trine freshman spent weeks making an American flag out of firehose.

Trine University freshman and volunteer firefighter Devin Flory has grown up in the Jewell Fire Department.

“It’s really an honor because if it wasn’t for my great grandfather, I probably wouldn’t be here doing this,” said Flory.

Flory’s great grandfather, Robert Flory Sr., was the first fire chief at the Jewell Fire Department after it was created in 1953. His great uncles, father, and uncles have followed in Robert’s footsteps. When Flory is home from Trine University, where he is in his freshmen year, he continues to build on the family’s legacy side by side with his father.

“When they say it’s in the blood. It is truly in the blood,” said Tammy Flory, Devin’s mother. “When he tells me he’s going out in the firehouse, it’s just neat that he takes so much pride in fire trucks, fire hoses gear. I mean, he’s down here cleaning, when he’s home from college.”

Now hanging at that fire station is an American flag over almost 6-feet wide by 9-feet long, but it’s not your typical flag.

“The flag is actually made out of old retired hose that has been no longer in service,” Flory said. “The stuff that just recently failed the testing, and I cut it up and started painting and threw it all together.”

Devin had seen similar projects on social media and figured he could give it a go as well. He got permission to use the hose and hang them to hang in the department after promising his dad he’d do it right, with 13 stripes and 50 stars.

“I traced all the stars and then repainted,” said Flory. “It was just tedious work to make sure that they were straight and painted correctly.”

The project took over two weeks to make, but Flory said that time was just a small sacrifice made to pay tribute to Jewell’s firefighters.

“We have members that have military backgrounds, we have one from the Air Force, and one firm that just got home from the Marine, so they really appreciate what I’ve done for them,” said Flory.

Flory made another slightly smaller flag for someone who works on the department fire trucks and said right now he doesn’t have plans to make another.