Trash day finally arrives for Copper Run neighbors, still frustrated by missed pick-ups

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Another day, more missed trash pick-ups in Fort Wayne after Red River’s bankruptcy filing.

Again on Friday Copper Hill Run, the street that’s been having issues all week, saw some trash bins emptied and others left waiting. Neighbors tell WANE 15 the garbage trucks first game through after noon to get most of the neighborhood however the houses on the west side of one block of Copper Hill Run were left with their cans filled with two weeks worth of trash.

Red River came back through the neighborhood to get the street around 5:30 p.m. Ron Rupnow, who has lived on the street for almost 30 years, said he was happy it was picked up but that he is still frustrated.

“This is the first time in probably three months and we’ve actually had a Friday pick up,” said Rupnow. “Most times, it’s Saturday, it is a Friday pick up. It’s like 10:30, 11 o’clock at night. Most of us have to put our trash cans inside the garage. So if it sits out over a week, hot sun in the summer, you can just imagine what it smells like.”

Rupnow said he has reached out to the city council and the city’s 311 line multiple times with no change. However, this is not the neighborhood’s first run-in with irregular trash pick-ups.

“We’re used to,” Rupnow said. “We’ve not had good trash here ever in 29 years I’ve lived here. It’s been an ongoing problem long before Red River came in.”

Rupnow would like to see the city council consider establishing a truly local alternative.

“One of the things I think city council should look at, Fort Wayne’s getting to be big enough town that we could probably support our own waste hauling system,” said Rupnow. “I know we’re not the size of New York or Chicago or Detroit where they all have their own trash people, but Fort Wayne’s getting to be the size of town that this is the time to start looking at it and preparing for when it’s going to grow.”

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