Train Trap: Hadley Road drivers frustrated with traffic troubles

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An on-going construction project continues to cause problems for drivers who keep finding themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

“It’s certainly aggravating when you’re stuck here for extra minutes that you weren’t intending to be stuck in traffic,” Mark Wyrick said.

Wyrick’s sentiment is shared by many who drive Hadley Road between Illinois Road and the closed Bass Road intersection. It’s also the subject of many complaints shared with the WANE 15 newsroom.

“It’s really frustrating. Every time you see a train come by or it’s on the tracks, you dread it because you never know if it’s going to be five minutes, 10 minutes, or over an hour,” Jeremy Redding added.

The opening of the Bass Road intersection has been pushed back to to the end of March. The only legal option drivers have is heading south from the businesses in the area, towards an operating set of railroad tracks. 

People who visit and work at places like Master Spas, Harris Boats and Wildwood Raquet Club tell  WANE 15 that trains park across the road on a daily basis.

“We ended up calling the non-emergency police line saying ‘there’s who knows how many people trapped out here,” Redding said. “We have no way to get out!”

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled that trains can’t be ticketed for blocking roads, but for drivers, safety is a bigger issue than punishment.

“If there’s an emergency and there’s a train stuck there, it could be minutes or an hour that emergency responders could be delayed,” Wyrick added.

According to Allen County officials, the delay in opening the intersection of Bass Road is due to CSX not clearing the railroad crossing as being safe to cross. 

WANE 15 reached out to CSX who owns the tracks. A representative from the company said Chicago, Fort Wayne Eastern Railroad operates the tracks. That company did not respond to a call Friday.

WANE 15 also requested a response from Norfolk Southern, whose trains often park across Hadley Road, but did not get a statement by deadline time.

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