FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Changing their tune from fall, representatives of the Trader Joe’s grocery store chain said the company is now interested in opening a new store in Fort Wayne, but a potential location for the business has not yet been confirmed.

In September, a WANE 15 call to Trader Joe’s corporate office found little interest in Fort Wayne, despite being in the region in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Indianapolis. No new Summit City stores had been planned or seriously considered at that point.

Rumors began swirling early this year about renewed interest in the market. Trader Joe’s public relations director confirmed to WANE 15 the company is very interested in Fort Wayne.

“We’re taking the necessary steps to make that happen,” Kenya Friend-Daniel added.

Where a Trader Joe’s could open has not been made clear. It’s early in the process, according to Friend-Daniel. Despite reports of Trader Joe’s securing a specific spot on the south side of Jefferson Pointe, representatives of the shopping center have not confirmed the details.

A representative from Jefferson Pointe told WANE 15 the shopping center’s owning company RED Development does not comment on future tenants, but alluded to several announcements coming in the months ahead.

An announcement did come Friday, in the form of a new nail salon. M. Vincé Nail Spa is set to open in late spring between Old Navy and Chipotle on the west side of the shopping center.

Work has finished on the first phase of construction on a new road through Jefferson Pointe. The second phase of building has been set to happen this spring. According to a representative for Jefferson Pointe, several tenants have moved in the shopping center, including Louie’s Tux and Complete Health, because of the new road construction, not to make way for Trader Joe’s.