Too many jobs and not enough people?

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KENDALVILLE, Ind, (WANE) – The unemployment rate in Indiana is at a low 3%. But as development continues throughout the state, especially here in Allen County, more people are needed to fill jobs.

Finding qualified workers may be harder than you’d think. That’s why Places like the Impact Institute are so important.

A lot of employers say they’re having trouble finding people who qualify. Impact works to train students for most needed jobs- many which fall in the manufacturing sector in Noble County.

Their students work beyond the county though, including in Fort Wayne, and they train in 14 different career areas. The director said he talks to employers and he knows what they’re looking for. Impact is helping fill the need, but with so many jobs and a low unemployment rate, it’ll take more. “I’d love to be able to say that we can feed the entire pipeline but unfortunately we’re not that big. We’re a piece of that puzzle and we want to definitely remain that and do the best that we can to provide that solid set of skills for students to be able to enter the workforce,” Jim Walmsley said.

They also help train people already employed for possible promotions and chances to move up in their career.

Walmsley said he thinks the reasons for more jobs has changed. “It’s definitely a challenge. The folks that I talk to in the business and industry are all saying the same thing. A few years ago they talked a lot about a skills gap and now you don’t hear as much about the skills gap as that we just don’t have enough people.”

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