FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Fort Wayne residents will face their highest temperatures this week and are searching for ways to face the heat. WANE 15 spoke to Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) representative Kara Stevenson on ways you can stay cool in your home while also keeping the energy bill low to not blow your end-of-summer budget.

For those with air conditioners, it is recommended to prepare your unit for heat by ensuring that nothing is blocking vents in your home. By removing blocks it allows air to flow through your home at ease, making it so your air conditioning unit does not have to work harder or utilize more energy.

It is also recommended to cover windows and utilize shades as the sunshine can also heat up your home. Covering windows it may cut back on energy usage and in turn help grids from being overpowered causing shutdowns. Stevenson said I&M’s main goal is to try and conserve energy and keep customers’ costs low.

“We’re gonna have peak hours running from 4-6 pm when families are returning from work and school,” Stevenson said. “During that time we ask that people voluntarily conserve energy by raising their thermostat or holding back on those activities that may require more energy.”

For those who don’t have air conditioning, it is suggested that if you have a ceiling fan turn its rotation counterclockwise. This allows the air to be pushed down, bringing cool air to you.

It is also encouraged to try and stay hydrated the best you can as the temperatures rise throughout the week.

Indiana Michigan Power also offers programs for those who may struggle to pay the high costs of cooling their home. To learn more about their programs head to I&M’s website.