FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – If your car gets stuck in the snow, do you know how to get it free?

Dig the snow out from in front, underneath and back of your tires. Clear a path long enough for wheels to move forward and back a few feet. If you don’t have a shovel, try using a ice scraper or another tool to break up any ice that’s formed below the tires.

The next step is called the forward and back technique. You want to slowly back up, then put it in forward and apply a little gas. Don’t rev the engine, though. The process can tamp down loose snow and maybe give you enough traction to get out.

If your tires are spinning, or you aren’t getting any traction, you want to find something to get your tires traction to the pavement. Sand or kitty litter are two good things to have in you car during the winter time. Coffee grinds and cardboard are also good to have.

If you can’t remove your car by yourself, get others to help you. Sometimes all you need is a little manpower to help remove your car from the snow.

Once you have removed your car from the snow, don’t stop right away. Drive somewhere where there is less snow so you can safely stop. If you’re in reverse, keep backing up for a few yards, then take your foot off the gas. The snow will stop you. If you notice a vibration in your steering wheel, check for any snow that may be packed into your wheels. Pull over someplace safe and knock the snow or ice out with an ice scraper or shovel.