Tinsley arrest motivates cold case detectives

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Decades of old cases are waiting to be solved by the Fort Wayne police department, but a small group of detectives are feeling optimistic after the break in the April Tinsley case.

“It gives you that victory… that small victory that helps carry you into the next two, three, four cases,” Detective Brian Martin said. 

While police are seeing a resolution in Tinsley investigation, drawers and boxes hold details for cases going back fifty years.

“I’m going through that old evidence and going through the case, rereading it, trying to find potential witnesses who can help out with the case,” Martin explained. 

Tracking down witnesses may be the hardest part of cracking old cases for detective Brian Martin and his team. New technology though, is providing some optimism.

“If there’s any evidence that we can go through and find those items that look like they would produce good results and could lead us to a killer, then we pull that information,” Martin added. 

The detectives have resubmitted evidence from multiple cases to the Indiana State Police crime lab, hoping that new DNA technology will find something new.

NewsChannel 15 asked if any investigation is at the top of the pile… a priority for detectives.

 “I don’t want somebody to think that their relative or their loved one is more important or not as important as another,” Martin said. “They’re all important.”

NewsChannel 15’s has heard from families hoping police work on their case. The police have as well.

“We work every day to get those families closure and it truly is what we’re striving to do,” Martin said wrapping up the interview. 

In the Tinsley case, John Miller will appear in court August 3, for a trial date setting. 

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